Seller – Interviewing Agents

Questions to Ask Your Realtor about Selling Your Home

  1. Are you a dedicated real estate agent? How long have you worked in real estate?
    Knowing whether or not your agent is dedicated can help you determine potential scheduling conflicts and his or her commitment to your transaction. As with any profession, the number of years a person has been in the business does not necessarily reflect the level of service you can expect, but it is a good starting point for your discussion.
  2. Do you have an assistant, team or staff to handle different parts of the purchase? What are their names and how will each of them help me in my transaction? How do I communicate with them?
    It is not uncommon for agents who sell a lot of houses to hire people to work with them. As their businesses grow, they must be able to deliver the same or higher quality service to more people.
    You may want to know who on the team will take part in your transaction, and what role each person will play. You may even want to meet the other team members before you decide to work with the team. If you have a question about fees on your closing statement, who would handle that? Who will show up to your closing?
  3. Do you have a Website that will list my home? Can I have your URL address? Who responds to emails and how quickly? What’s your email address?
    Many buyers prefer to search online for homes because it’s available 24 hours a day and can be done at home. So you want to make sure your home is listed online, either on the agent’s Website or on their company’s site. By searching your agent’s Website you will get a clear picture of how much information is available online.
  4. How will you keep in contact with me during the selling process, and how often?
    Some agents may email, fax or call you daily to tell you that visitors have toured your home, while others will keep in touch weekly. Asking this question can help you to reconcile your needs with your agent’s systems.
  5. What is your average market time?
    Marketing skills are learned. For example, an agent might research the demographics of your neighborhood and present you a target market list for direct marketing purposes.
  6. If I am not satisfied with your performance, can I terminate our listing agreement?
    We offer an easy out. If you are not satisfied with my performance, you can exit the listing agreement, no strings attached.
  7. How will you get paid?
    There are no hidden fees. We are paid our commission as designated at closing.
  8. How would you develop pricing strategies for our home?
    Although location and condition affect the selling process, price is the primary factor in determining if a home sells quickly, or at all. Access to current property information is essential, and sometimes a pre-appraisal will help. Ask your agent how they created the market analysis, and whether your agent included For Sale by Owner homes, foreclosed homes, and bank-owned sales in that list.
  9. What will you do to sell my home? Who determines where and when my home is marketed/ promoted? Who pays for your advertising?
    We provide all marketing and pictures to promote your home without any cost to you. We place signs at appropriate places, provide flyers and flyer boxes, list your home on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, and over 50 other web sites. We also contact other agents and do reverse prospecting.
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