Buyer – Working with an agent


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    Working With a Realtor 
    A realtor can save you time and assist you in finding your new home by:

    • Pre-selecting homes that are within your price range, and match your requirements for size, location, etc.
    • Scheduling appointments for you to see homes.
    • Giving you current prices for homes similar to the ones you are considering.
    • Getting up-to-date information about taxes, school districts, and conditions in the area.
    • Handling negotiations regarding the price and terms of your offer.
    • Arranging and attending home inspection
    • Negotiating repairs
    • Finalizing and organizing contract terms
    • Scheduling and attending closing
  • What to Look For in a Realtor

    • Knowledge about the area where you want to live
    • Experience
    • Patience
    • Participation in the area’s multiple listing service (MLS) to give you full access to all homes for sale in your area, not just those represented by your Realtor’s company.
    • Honesty and integrity
    • Ability to negotiate
    • Communication skills

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